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The One Real Estate Enterprise group of companies
share a vision of success in the real estate industry.

How our real estate brands work together

Valour Group

Sourcing, developing & acquiring real estate with strong potential.

Pro Funds Mortgages

Securing financing for Valour Group

& District REIT projects.

VMSIValour Mortgage Services Inc.LIC.#12394


Mortgage administrator for

Pro Funds Mortgages & Valour Group.

District REIT

District REIT beneficially receives a first-hand opportunity to purchase completed projects from Valour Group.

30 Minutes to Wealth

Our nationwide real estate talk show educates viewers in various areas of real estate-focused topics and investment opportunities.

Once Upon A Stay

Properties under Once Upon A Stay are financed via Pro Funds Mortgages and are property managed by Valour Group.

Valour Partners

Valour Partners raises capital through investment offerings where portfolios are structured primarily from Valour Group projects.


As the construction arm of the Valour Group, Valcon provides various construction related services for its development projects. This includes full building construction, major rehabilitation, 
and renovation projects.

Together, we offer comprehensive real-estate based services and products to support our diverse client base of those looking to enter the real estate business or expand their existing investments.


Real Estate Investors





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