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The One Real Estate Enterprise group of companies
share a vision of success in the real estate industry.

How our real estate brands work together


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Pro Funds Mortgages

With a focus on real estate investors, Pro Funds Mortgages’ primary objective is to help its clients create wealth by providing effective real estate solutions. Their services include mortgage financing and investing, while offering both institutional and private financing solutions for all types of real estate.

District REIT

District Property Trust, also known as District REIT™, is a private Real Estate Investment Trust that owns and operates a portfolio of diversified income-producing real estate. As unitholders, investors can benefit from the capital appreciation of District REIT’s assets through ongoing management and value creation strategies.

Valour Group

Valour Group is an integrated team of companies that manages, develops, constructs, and operates residential and commercial real estate.


Valcon is a Canadian construction firm founded by a team of builders with experience in every facet of the construction and real estate industries. As a subsidiary of Valour Group, Valcon understand’s the risks faced by developers and lenders. Their experience in building for themselves allows them to build for clients with the passion and efficiency that is needed today.

Valour Partners

Valour Partners has been formed to structure investment solutions for those looking to participate in a portfolio of debt and equity arrangements, in connection with real estate development projects and income-producing properties affiliated with Valour Group. The Valour Partners platform invests across various geographies, assets, and property classes to minimize risk and provide wealth-creation opportunities for its investors.


As a mortgage administrator, Valour Mortgage Services Inc. (VMSI) manages and streamlines all payments between borrowers and lenders for an efficient mortgage investment process. With each transaction, VMSI provides exceptional service with a vision of setting standards and industry benchmarks.

Once Upon A Stay

is a unique collection of vacation rentals spanning popular destinations in Canada and the United States. The diverse collection includes cozy cottage rentals nestled in Ontario’s picturesque Bruce Peninsula, beautiful city homes in Burlington, Ontario, and sun-filled beach front villas with breathtaking views in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. With whimsical decors and special personal touches, OUAS rentals offer fun and exciting experiences for guests.

30 Minutes to Wealth

30 Minutes To Wealth is a nationwide real estate talk show that teaches viewers how to build wealth through a variety of real estate-based strategies. The show covers a wide range of topics including real estate acquisitions, renovations and flips, construction and development, mortgage investing and much more!

Together, we offer comprehensive real-estate based services and products to support our diverse client base of those looking to enter the real estate business or expand their existing investments.


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