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Partner With Us, Invest Beside Us

Valour Partners seeks to provide investors with an attractive monthly income stream in addition to long term capital growth and an opportunity to partner with a seasoned developer to develop attractive off-market properties. 

Valour Partners has been formed to structure investment solutions for those looking to participate in a portfolio of debt and/or equity arrangements, in connection with real estate development projects and income-producing properties affiliated with Valour Group.

The Valour Partners platform invests across various geographies, assets, and property classes to minimize risk and provide wealth creation opportunities for our investors.

Mortgage Financing

As a mortgage brokerage at the forefront, our team sources financing solutions for our clients and real estate investors through both institutional and private lenders. We are able to finance all types of real estate from commercial to multi-residential, vacant land, and construction & development projects to name a few.

Mortgage Investing

By participating in a mortgage investment our clients are able to invest in the real estate market without having to purchase a property of their own and without the related hassles of managing, owning and selling real estate.