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Mortgage Administrator

As a Mortgage Administrator, Valour Mortgage Services Inc. manages and streamlines all payments between borrowers and lenders for an efficient mortgage investment process. With each transaction, VMSI provides exceptional service with a vision of setting standards and industry benchmarks.


  • Function as a primary source of contact for the borrower and the investor-lender(s)

  • Ensure adherence to loan terms and conditions

  • Monitor and manage the receipt of borrower interest payments

  • Facilitate interest payments to investor-lender(s)

  • Communicate regular mortgage reporting to investor-lender(s)

  • Prepare payout calculations and discharge statements for investors and lawyers

  • Prepare annual T5 statements for the investor-lender(s)

  • Review and assess mortgages under administration periodically

  • Committed to prioritizing investor-lender(s) interests

  • Remain abreast with changing regulatory and compliance requirements, under FSRA guidance